17 Minion Cards in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

17 Minion Cards in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – This time, I will give interesting info about Hearthstone again. For those who are new to Hearthstone or who want to play Hearthstone, I will give you several types of minions in Hearthstone.
17 Minion Cards in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft 1

1. Charge

Unlike the minions who usually have to wait one turn to be able to attack, this type of minion can directly attack the rotation of the minion played. So, after the minion comes out, the minion can attack the boss immediately!

2. Taunt

One of the most important minions at Hearthstone. With this minion, you force your opponent to attack your taunt minion first and then you can attack your other minion or your hero. But this attack only applies to attacks carried out by characters (minions and heroes) / normal attacks and not for spells. So, you can still attack non-taunt characters using spells.

3. Divine shield

Minions with this ability will negate all the first attacks he receives from either spells that produce damage or normal attacks from characters. Usually, this type of minion has relatively less health than a minion with the same cost.

4. Battlecry

It is a minion effect that is active when the minion is played from the hand. If you play it not from the hand (like from the minion or spell effect) then the Battlecry effect will not be active.

5. Windfury

Attack twice? Looks impossible. But with this type of minion, you can attack using your minion twice. Wow … cool. But usually, minions with Windfury only have a few attacks because of that amazing ability.

6. Enrage

Each time a minion of this type receives an attack, his attack will increase by several points. In essence, the more this minion receives pain, the more this minion is brought (hehe…). Hero Warriors most often use decks with this type of minion.

7. Discover

Choose one of three cards to put on the hand. Choose the boss carefully… adjust to the conditions.

8. Damage Spell + x

The skill of this minion is to add damage from the spell card by x points. Points added are usually 1 point but some are not playing around, which is 5 points damage spell. Obviously, this type of minion is used by heroes like mages who rely on damage from spells.

9. Stealth

This type of minion cannot be targeted and attacked using spells or normal attacks before this stealth minion does an attack. But if you can’t wait to use AOE spells, this minion will definitely get damaged too. Usually, a Rogue hero who has an abundant stealth card on his deck.

10. Adapt

​​Take one of the three benefits. That’s what this type of minion does. The advantage can be in the form of +3 attacks, taunts, divine shield and others. All the benefits will be used to strengthen this adapt minion.

11. Poisonous

The ability to allow minion poisonous to destroy every minion that is damaged by this minion poisonous. So, no matter how much health a minion has, once attacked with this minion it’s broken, it’s already a minion.

12. Overload

This minion will “corrupt” some of your next turn. So in the next turn, you will lack where. But you will get a minion with strength above the strength of the minion at the same cost.

13. Deathrattle

As the name suggests, the ability of this minion will be active when this minion dies. You could say this minion is useful in the beneficial world in the cemetery.

14. Combo

Combo skill is a skill that is only active if you have played a card before the combo card is played. So, if you want to take advantage of the effects of this combo skill then you have to play a card first.

15. Inspire

It is an active skill if the owner of the minion inspires uses the hero skill. This inspire skill is rarely found because of its powerful effect. An example of this minion is Paladin’s Paletress Confessor.

16. Choose One

Skill effects that Druid heroes usually have. In one card there are two effects, but you can only use one of them. So, choose wisely.

17. Membrane

With this effect, the minions cannot be targeted by the opponent’s spells and hero skills.
Those are some of the types of minion skills at Hearthstone. There is one important thing to remember that if the minion has been silenced then all the effects will be lost. Don’t forget to read other articles about Hearthstone here. Doom!

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