14 Secret Tricks in Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know

14 Secret Tricks in Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know – Red Dead Redemption 2 is an openworld-themed or wild-west game like GTA with a large dimension and full of cool graphic details. Playing this game at first feels a bit confusing, and part of the reason is because the open world system doesn’t tell you everything you need to know.
For those of you who have tried this game, there are some tricks in RDR2 that you might not know and you can try.
14 Secret Tricks in Red Dead Redemption 2 That You Should Know 1
Reporting from Gamespot, Jess shows a number of tricks such as how to find a side-mission, the importance of watching for a rising smoke trail, and the importance of keeping Arthur able to eat and be happy.
Jess also includes things like where to sell stolen goods, why it is effective at shooting a barrel roll in combat, and the importance of taming a wild horse before trying to ride it.
Furthermore, Jess helped explain what we could do in Gunsmith, then how RDR2 was connected to the first game, hunting tricks, and how to set up HUD to provide the best experience.
The following is a summary of 14 tricks in RDR2
  1. Follow the storyline and don’t skip it because some clues are there
  2. Tame the horse by touching it before riding it
  3. Look up to see the smoke trail, you can go to the origin of the smoke (maybe someone can be a friend, or maybe you can rob it)
  4. Check player statistics for character health checks (too thin / fat, body temperature etc.)
  5. The more risky the job, the greater the rewards (full items can be sold on the collector)
  6. Find a placeholder in several locations
  7. Shoot while flopping sideways (Barrel roll)
  8. Modified rifle with accessories and engraving (can increase ability)
  9. Learn animal characters and tips before hunting
  10. Turn off the HUD (Head Up Display) to make it more exciting
  11. Lasso is easier than shooting
  12. Being a good person or a criminal is up to you, both of them have advantages and disadvantages
  13. Pay attention to the load when riding so as not to fall
  14. Fishing in the morning and evening, use the right bait and technique