12 Ways To Increase Battle Point in Dragon Nest Mobile

12 Ways To Increase Battle Point in Dragon Nest Mobile – Battle Power (BP) is the most important element in Dragon Nest M. Why not level? BP indicates how strong your adventurers. In Dragon Nest anything that is always seen first from the character is it BP, Classes etc.
This time I will explain how to maximize BP or how to increase BP in Dragon Nest M!

1. Complete Gear Sets.

This method might already know a lot? But new players on high level will get more EXP to chase existing players, as a result they can go up to level 32 or more in 1 day (Server 1 SEA).
The drawback is they will immediately jump to the Dragon Nest Manticore which is supposed to collect Sets from the Cerberus. Even though the Collections are no longer used, the bonus effect will still be permanent!

2. Increase the quality of the gear / equip.

Yap, improve the quality of Gear such as Upgrade, Enchantment, Refine, and Enhance. From this step, obtaining the obtained BP is quite high, I recommend  to continue increase equipment, and don’t be tall next to it!

3. Use Costumes.

The costume can influence BP, previously I have discussed how to get a costume (metal set) from costume unification. If you use grade A costume, you will get high bonus. If you use grade B costume, you will get standart bonus, while costume S requires very high top-up.

4. Heraldry

Heraldry can be found at the Bazaar or even at the daily reset, Boss Rush. Heraldry can increase BP drastically! Let’s just say 1 Heraldry can increase 5000 BP, the available slots are 8. So it can be concluded that 8 x 5000 = 40,000 BP which does not include the refine and third bonus.

5. Jade

Jade can be obtained on daily missions such as Dragon Expedition, Dragon Soul, you can buy it at Dragon Coin Shop and others. Unlike an enhancing process, you are not required to plus the level (+) from Jade level.

6. Dragon Ware

Open at level 35, the tip you can give is to look for Dragon Ware class S in Nightmare! Even though some say easy, you can get it, but the percentage for S in Nightmare is higher than easy.
But if you have not enough BP for adventurers, I recommends looking at other levels of difficulty. All levels of difficulty can drop / release class S depending on each other’s luck!

7. Title

According title, you can also get additional BP. Although not so high compared to the others, but it’s OK to add the existing BP. The appearance of characters that become more interesting juxtaposed with the title on the character’s head.

8. Fairy

Elves or can be called Fairy Tail can provide high BP. For one S Class Fairy, it can provide 21,000 BP. There have 4 slots to filled S class Fairy, if calculated we can get 84,000 BP (4×21,000 = 84,000 BP).

9. Album

The cards on album can be obtained from Continental Exploration even though BP has earned change from each collection, but there will be a bonus for each certain amount. Do not be fooled by the relatively small number, if the numbers are added up, you will see that the BP is high.

10. Moniker

Moniker offers a pretty good BP, maybe the first time you adventurers see it at a small level that feels less bite, but when the Moniker has reached a high level, the BP obtained is also high along with the Moniker Level development!

11. Strengthen

Yep, this is where the center knows how to increase BP more easily and quickly. You can immediately find out what is lacking and what has been maximized.

12. Top up

This is the last way to increase BP instantly. Although Dragon Nest M can be played for free, but that does not mean everything is free. Like a tree, top-up players will get fertilizer to accelerate tree growth.
While the free player follows the flow for its growth. But are you knowing the similarities? The similarity is that trees have a maximum growth rate! Which means that rich players can be comparable to free players!