10 Best Cards in Clash Royale

10 Best Cards in Clash Royale – Playing Clash Royale certainly requires a strategy so we can win in every fight. This requires careful thinking, knowledge, and experience that is not small.
Talk about strategy, here I present the 10 Best Clash Royale Cards that are not infrequently included on the mainstay decks of players playing at Legendary Arena.
I am equipped with information such as the superiority and weakness of the card so that it can be used as a reference or consideration of your deck. This also works so that you are not surprised again if your enemy uses the card because you already know the weaknesses. Yup, just read the guys.


10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 1
Princess cards may be the best cards if we use them correctly. This Legendary type card seems to be worthy of being given such a name.
  • The cost is only 3 Elixir, making him a card that is quite cheap but very valuable to make a deadly move or as a defense for Arena and King Tower.
  • It has a long range, which is about 9 tile ranges. Make it an army with the farthest shooting distance in Clash Royale. While Royal Giant is only 6.5 tile range.
  • He is also one of the troops who can destroy the Arena Tower and King Tower alone if left unchecked and no other troops attack him.
  • This card also causes a Damage Area, which is for Princess level 1 to produce 140 HP damage in just one shot. Make it the best Area Damage card because it is not only the cheap price (3 Elixir) but also its ability to deal with air forces (air units). Other forces that have the ability to deal with air and ground forces at once (Splash) are only owned by Baby Dragon, Witch, Wizard, Ice Wizard, and Fire Spirits.
  • The splash radius damage area is also very wide, making it able to hit enemies that cluster in one shot.
  • Princess can be disabled easily by Arrows. We can also use the weaknesses for other benefits, namely just to lure enemies to issue Arrows (Because Princess is very cheap don’t hesitate to release it). For example, we sacrifice Princess so that our Goblin Barrel or Minion Horde can attack safely (enemy Arrows have been used to attack Princess).
  • Another advantage of Princess is that it can attack enemies in different lanes. For example, you remove Princess in the left lane and the enemy takes out the Minion Horde in the right lane, your Princess can still attack the Minion Horde. Try combining with Hog Rider to support your Princess.
  • One of the other advantages is that Princess can make the enemy panic because of the far-shooting range so they will do everything they can to finish it, with cheap price (3 Elixir) Princess is very profitable. Enemies can even issue expensive cards (4 Elixir) to stop them. So that the decks of their cards become empty, the cards will be strong, you can immediately finish them with your deck.
  • I think Princess is too overpowered at a fairly cheap price (3 Elixir). An estimated 70% -80% of players in Legendary Arena enter Princess on their deck. So that crowned Princess as one of the best cards in Clash Royale

Ice Wizard

10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 2
Ice Wizard (Legendary) has several advantages such as other Legendary cards.
  • Ice Wizard is very good to Support other troops. It’s not as weak as Princess if it’s hit by Arrows or Fire Ball.
  • He is the best force for counterpunching because the cheap price of his expenditure (3 Elixir) allows you to make a very powerful combo because of his ability to slow down enemy movements and attacks.
  • In the case of offense, Ice Wizard should not be underestimated, its ability to slow down enemies and Arena Tower and while it also gives Damage Areas to enemy hordes causing it to become very deadly.
  • The combined power of slowing down the enemy and the damaged area makes the enemy consider spending the Minion Horde or Barbarians, this you can use to attack.

Hog Rider

10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 3
Hog Rider is the most popular card in Clash Royale, it is a Rare card so it’s not easy enough to get it and increase its level. But for now, maybe Hog Rider is one of the best non-Legendary cards.
  • He has a price of 4 Elixir and will only attack buildings, you can win matches if you can manage Elixir properly.
  • Hog Rider may not be too overpowered, but it looks like the price of 4 Elixir is too cheap for him. He can attack buildings quickly and the only building worth dealing with is Canon. There are no buildings with prices less than 4 Elixir that can stop it. For example, tombstone.
  • He is too fast and strong. You need at least 1 building on your deck to deal with opponents who have a Hog Rider, if don’t expect you will survive.
  • So the solution to stop it is to enter a minimum of 2 buildings in your deck. However, this has a side effect on offense ability, because you are spending too much Elixir on defense.

 Royal Giant

10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 4
Royal Giant became a very strong card here, when before it was a weak card when it was first introduced.
  • Royal Giant is very strong for its shooting range. The shooting distance caused a lot of hassles at the Arena. Not only is the ability to survive is strong, but the firing distance and position are effective for counter pushing or counterattack. It takes a good force to stop it, even P.E.K.K.A is doubtful. P.E.K.K.A takes 3 seconds to be deployed and when it’s entered it may be that the Royal Giant has destroyed its Arena Tower.
  • One of the problems in defending against the Royal Giant is, its ability to inhibit “Double lane pressure”. For example, when we are attacking the enemy tower, then the enemy takes out the Royal Giant in a different lane, don’t expect to stop it only with a support card. It’s not that easy to stop it.
  •  The biggest problem is the shooting distance if you face the Royal Giant and you don’t put your buildings properly, this road can be an easy target for the Royal Giant.
  • Another problem is the Royal Giant’s ability to Arena Tower’s auto-targeting. For example, you are attacking the enemy tower as well as the enemy is attacking your tower. The enemy of having a Royal Giant will be very easy to destroy everything, while you will have a big problem because Arena Tower is supported by King’s Tower. Your troops will not survive as strong as Royal Giant. This is the ability that might make it overpowered.

Elixir Collector

10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 5
Elixir Collector is a very valuable card for almost all expensive card decks. If you have a deck that is quite expensive with an average Elixir of 4.
It is advisable to enter the Elixir Collector on your deck card or not the enemy will be superior in terms of Elixir. Elixir Collector is a card with the best investment value in Clash Royale.
  • Supercell is very good at balancing the Elixir Collector by reducing its HP. Previously, the cellphone was high enough to allow it to be used as a defense building, of course, this was very overpowered.
  • However, the biggest problem is, if the enemy also has an Elixir Collector and gets the Elixir Collector on the first round of cards while your Elixir Collector is in the last round. You should not be careless because the enemy will be superior in terms of Elixir.


10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 6
One of the reasons why Miners enter the best card ranks in Clash Royale is their ability to counter Princess.
  • Miner is a very good card because of its ability to stop or interfere with support troops such as Wizard, Musketeer, and Witch.
  • One of the other advantages is its ability to destroy the Elixir Collector, imagine a 3 Elixir card can beat a 5 Elixir card. What’s more, if the enemy uses expensive decks, the Miner will be a nightmare for them.
  • And another ability is to disturb and lock the enemy Arena Tower. Because the HP is pretty good, the Miner also functions to shield or protect small HP troops like goblins, creating a fast and powerful combo.

Zap Spell

10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 7
Zap Speel is the best spell card. Almost always profitable. His ability to give instant damage and give a 1-second stun is very beneficial. You can use it for Minions, Goblin Barrel and Arena Tower, or Skeleton Army and Goblins.
  • The advantage is not only because of its low price (2 Elixir) but also its ability to stun. Even the difference per millisecond can determine the win losing battle. This can also be used as extra damage for offense and defense.
  • Other uses are that you can divert Royal Giant who is shooting at Arena tower rather than another building. You can zap it so it resets the Royal Giant’s target so that it shoots at another building.
  • The advantage is Zap Spell’s ability to reset Sparky’s charge.


10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 8
Valkyrie is a card with the best splash capability with the most HP. This makes it the best splash card in Clash Royale (Besides Sparky). For a 4 Elixir card, the Valkyrie is useful in counter Princess and Ice Wizard easily. As good as the other support forces behind the tank.
Valkyrie is the best support killer in Clash Royale. One of the reasons why he entered the ranks of the best cards, because of his ability to deal with troublesome troops namely Princess, Ice Wizard, Hog Rider rush combo, Skeleton Army, and others. And because the HP is quite high you cannot leave it alone without security.


10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 9
One of the big reasons why Canon is included in the 10 Best Card Clash Royale is Hog Rider. Yup, Hog Rider. Canon is the only defensive building that can defeat the Hog Rider and provide a profit value.
Hog Rider Deck is everywhere, as long as Hog Rider is still a mainstay, Canon will still be the best to stop it. Canon also presents other benefits.
An example is Canon can provide benefits when it comes to cards with prices above 3 Elixir, including Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Giant Skeleton, Dark Prince and others. Canon is really effective at getting rid of various threats.


10 Best Cards in Clash Royale 10
Yup, the last one is Skeletons. Cards with the lowest prices (1 Elixir) can give big profits but are often underestimated. For example, four Level 9 Skeletons give a total damage of 268 per second.
While the Three Goblins level 9 produces 288 damage per second, the amount is not too far away and Goblins are more expensive 1 Elixir compared to Skeleton.
Then level 9 Barbarians deal 424 damage per second and the price is five times that of Skeletons. This caused the very cheap and deadly Skeletons to be supported by other cards to distract the enemy Arena Tower.
  • Skeletons also have the advantage of dealing with Musketeer and mini P.E.K.K.A. Use it appropriately so he will be very useful and provide benefits in terms of Elixir.
  • Skeleton is also useful for diverting and fishing enemies and can interfere with combos. Simply make a mess with only 1 Elixir.
  • Skeleton also causes the average Elixir cost to be low and makes your deck card effective in terms of Elixir. No wonder this card is often included in the deck player card line at Legendary Arena.